Mathieu (Love is in the meadow) looks back on his painful breakup with Alexandre

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Invited in the show In all intimacy, by Sam Zirah, on YouTube, Mathieu confided in all honesty about his difficult break with Alexandre.

Mathieu had met Alexandre on the set of the show’s fifteenth season Love is in the meadow in 2021. Between the two men, it had been a real love at first sight so much so that in August 2021, they said to themselves “Yes”. But, a year later, the couple had unfortunately decided to divorce. “We do not have the same projects, nor the same objectives. But there is no war between us. We each take some news from each other“, he told the magazine Audience.

When Mathieu learned that Alexandre had met someone else, he also admitted to having “had a little sore stomach”. This Sunday, March 12, the farmer returned to this painful break up with youtuber Sam Zirah for the show In complete privacyon Youtube. He then revealed how things ended between them. A sad announcement he made to her “while on vacation” on the phone. “He said to me: “Listen Mathieu, I no longer feel like that life, I’m no longer happy »“, did he declare.

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“I was crying”

Faced with this announcement, Mathieu then tried to discuss with his companion to try to make him change his mind, but his decision was already made and well thought out. When you love someone and they tell you they’re not happy anymore, you can’t hold it back. When you love someone, you have to let them go. It’s very summarized what I’m telling you, since the discussion obviously lasted several weeks”, he specified. Especially since this break was extremely painful for the farmer. He admitted to having cried a lot”all alone while Internet users criticized him for not being sad on social networks.

On your stories, you won’t just cry, he claimed. Me, it was in the evening, when I turned off my light at 10:30 p.m., I cried. I took my female dogs and I cried. It went on for weeks, weeks.” Mathieu then indicated that he was “hard to let go of someone you lovee”, especially than him, stayed in their house. But, despite the pain, he seems to have recovered from this separation. “I have always bounced back in my life. They call me the man of a thousand lives, it’s not for nothing. I suffer very hard, very quickly, very intensely, but I recover very quickly.”, he pointed out.

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