Maximum retirement amount, surprises for your taxes… The 5 money news of the week

The new maximum amount of the retirement pension, the good and bad surprises of the income declaration… MoneyVox gives you the recap of the 5 money news of the week.

The article to read of the week: the good and bad surprises of the income tax return

3, 2, 1… Declare! The 2023 income declaration campaign opened yesterday. You now have between one and a half and two months (depending on your department) to return your copy. If the mission may prove tedious for some, have no fear: Moneyvox will support you throughout the campaign to make your task easier and answer your questions. Starting with the good and bad surprises of your 2024 declaration.

2024 taxes: here are the 3 new features of your online declaration

The file of the week: Should you trust an AI to manage your savings?

As artificial intelligence takes more and more space in our lives, does ChatGPT have the means to become your preferred financial advisor? Although the tool can prove beneficial when used wisely, it is however better not to trust it with your eyes closed.

Reader question of the week: How do I know if I am eligible for the 2024 energy check?

As you probably know, the energy check is back. Payments for this year 2024 began on April 2, notably in Brittany, Ile-de-France and Hauts-de-France. Like many of our readers, you are wondering if you are eligible for this aid of up to 277 euros? Here is the answer.

The figure of the week: a pension of 1932 euros per month maximum

You may not know it, but a ceiling limits the amount of basic pension that one can receive when liquidating these rights. For people retiring in 2024, the ceiling has been revised upwards by more than 5%. Discover the new amounts.

The good news of the week: here is the date when the instant transfer will be free

It was eagerly awaited. The new European regulation on instant transfers has just come into force this week. Result: we finally know the deadline by which banks will have to make this means of payment free. There she is.

Instant transfer: the banks’ trick to increase prices

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