Meeting escalated – trial after knife attack on internet acquaintance

A 26-year-old in Wels will have to stand trial in Wels on Wednesday because he is said to have stabbed his online acquaintance, whom he had never met in real life, with a knife. The jury trial is scheduled for two days.

The charge is two counts of deprivation of liberty, aggravated coercion and attempted murder with a knife. One of the reports certifies that he is sane. However, the man denies intent and the intention to kill and injure. According to the prosecution, the native Israeli from Munich is said to have unexpectedly visited his online acquaintance on October 16th and held her in the apartment for three hours. Seriously injured in the neck. According to the prosecution, he inflicted the first injuries on the woman with the knife here . He then forced her to the car and into a forest. When the 34-year-old wanted to escape, he seriously injured her neck with the knife. The suspected perpetrator fled in the car. It was only after an accident during a large-scale manhunt that the man was arrested the next day. The seriously injured person had to undergo surgery. The Israeli will stand before a jury in Wels from Wednesday, and the verdict will be handed down on Friday.
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