Meeting with applicants: Musk on a flash visit to Grünheide


Job interviews are apparently a top priority at Tesla. That's why Elon Musk is flying back to Grünheide only two months after his most recent visit to Germany. He wants to have personal talks on the construction site.

Tesla boss Elon Musk pays a spontaneous visit to the car factory construction site in Grünheide near Berlin. The company boss landed at BER airport that morning. Musk said on Twitter that he would personally interview people interested in engineering positions in the new factory on Friday. He asked applicants to send him their documents by email.

In an interview with the "Berliner Zeitung", the head of the employment agency in Frankfurt an der Oder expressed confidence that Tesla would be able to hire the 7,000 employees necessary to start car production in good time. Jochem Freyer told the newspaper on Wednesday that the company is ready to take on career changers and further qualify them at the plant. The starting wage at Tesla is around 2700 euros gross per month.

Tesla wants to start producing electric cars in Grünheide this summer. In the first stage, 500,000 vehicles per year with around 12,000 employees are planned. In the draft for the development plan for the community of Grünheide, there is already talk of up to 40,000 employees in a possible fourth expansion stage.

The environmental approval for the factory by the state of Brandenburg is pending, but Tesla is building with several preliminary approvals for individual construction steps. The documents for the development plan of the Grünheide community already contain further expansion stages. Environmentalists and residents fear that the construction will have negative consequences for nature.

In October, the construction site hit the headlines because of unpaid water bills. The Strausberg-Erkner water association then turned off the water on the construction site. Tesla had lowered its forecast water consumption at its peak after criticism from 3.3 million to around 1.4 million cubic meters per year. Shortly afterwards, the project manager of the construction site was dismissed. The WSE did not provide any information on the amount of the outstanding invoice amounts. Accordingly, several reminders, reminders and a threat of blocking with a 14-day period remained unanswered. According to the spokeswoman, the measure is also intended as a warning to the client that there are "no special regulations for anyone".