Mega Man X DiVE will be shutting down on PC on September 27

Capcom would already like “thank you all [leurs] players for their love and support over the years“. By the end of service of Mega Man X DiVE, the cornucopia will make it rain content: every day, a new free lottery will guarantee you an S-rank character. The daily login bonuses will be stuffed with crafting materials, and the arms factory will return regularly. You can build absolutely all the guns in the game there without worrying about their usual rotation. Limited equipment will also be back to allow you to catch up on missed gadgets along the way, so you don’t miss anything in the game.

It’s only half a goodbye

Microtransactions are already disabled. Capcom indicates that compensation in-game will be announced soon.

Note that only the PC version of Mega Man X DiVE joins the mass grave, accompanied by Taiwanese mobile versions published by Capcom Taiwan. Internationally, the iOS and Android versions are managed by NebulaJoy, which intends to keep the servers open as long as possible. No worries, then, for Blue Bomber mobile fans: the adventure continues in Europe, North America, Latin America and Korea.

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