Mercato LoL: Irrelevant promoted instead of HiRit at Misfits, Zanzarah in LFL

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Irrelevant was promoted to the LEC in place of HiRit, announced to the LFL. But the latter preferred to leave the country, which led Misfits Premier to look for a new toplaner and review all its plans. Just like BDS Academy.

The League of Legends transfer window has been unlocked at Misfits. The structure has just announced the arrival of Nikolai “Zanzarah” Akatov in LFL with Misfits Premier. The Russian jungler left Astralis last month after a season and a half at the bottom of the LEC standings. The player will therefore replace TynX, left in another big ERL structure, MAD Lions Madrid. On the toplane, it also unlocks since Germany’s Joel Miro “Irrelevant” Scharoll has been promoted to the first team.

A game of musical chairs due to the departure of HiRit

He takes Shin’s place”HiRit» Tae min. After a season and a half in Europe, the Korean player was announced in LFL in this roleswap, but that’s where it gets complicated for the rest of the season. Indeed, after the communication of the structure, the player finally left his teammates to go back to his region of origin. This led the structure to announce… Irrelevant’s return to the top lane in the LFL for the first week of competition, from June 1st.

MSFP is actively looking for a new top laner in order to prevent his competitor from playing at the same time for the LEC and the LFL (the rules allow it). Finally, another change occurs following this reversal, reveals LEC_Wooloo: Vander will ultimately remain on the pitch. The support had to leave in the coaching staff, freeing up the place for Dreamer Ace. The latter would then have made his way to Team BDS Academy.

The academic structure in LFL would indeed have promoted the top laner Tobiasz “Agresivoo“Ciba and the support Robert”ErdotusNowak in LEC. As announced earlier this season, it is Adam who should therefore return to the LFL on the toplane. But for Week 1 in LFL, it is Erdote who should before being promoted and replaced by Dreamer Ace…

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