Mercato LoL: roster swaps at Team BDS, a former KCORP relegated to LFL

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Following a bad Spring Split in LEC, Team BDS decided to proceed with exchanges between its LEC and LFL rosters with in particular the return of a former member of Karmine Corp to LFL.

For his first Split in the LEC following his purchase of the Schalke 04 Esports slot, Team BDS did not really convince. Only ninth in the regular season, the roster, which looked like Karmine Corp, won only four victories and had a disastrous end to the season. Logically, we expected some changes and they are going to take place.

Throughout the season, Adam “Adam” Maanane’s performance was not good and, according to LEC_Wooloo, he will be replaced by academy top laner Tobiasz “Agresivoo” Ciba. The latter was sparkling during the playoffs and has been performing well for a few years in the LFL. Another swap between the academy and the main roster should take place with the promotion of Erdote Robert “Erdote” Nowak over Dino “LIMIT” Tot. These changes were expected as it was clearly of the two most struggling players on the Team BDS side in the LEC.

To see if these changes will change the dynamics of the team in the LEC, hoping thatthey will manage to compete with the other teams. On the LFL side, the academy came out of a good season since it reached the playoff final even if the course at the EU Masters was disappointing. In any case, we look forward to see Adam again in LFL, he who won the competition in his first Split before being recruited by Fnatic in the Summer Split. His opposition to Lucas “Cabochard” Simon-Meslet should in turn be awaited by all fans of the Karmine Corp.

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