Mercato LoL: Zanzarah could bounce back in LFL at Summer Split

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Dismissed by Astralis after a difficult Spring Split, Zanzarah could rebound in the LFL for the next season.

The transition to LEC from Nikolai “Zanzarah” Akatov did not enter the history of the competition. The Russian jungler has joins Astralis in 2021 with the aim of lowering the team’s budget while performing at a good level. It must be said thathe was coming off a remarkable Summer Split with AGO Rogue, where he dominated the Polish league and then the European Masters. Unfortunately, a year and a half later, he has not confirmed his potential and was even thanked by Astralis after a catastrophic Spring Split.

If it seems compromised for him to find a team in the LEC given thathe doesn’t seem to be a priority player for other LEC structures, one could logically expect him to join an ERL team. According to LEC_Wooloo, he would even have found a base in LFL. According to his words, we will find Zanzarah on the side of Misfits Premier in replacement of Kristian “TynX” Ostergaard Hansenleaving for MAD Lions Madrid.

On paper, Misfits Premier loses on the exchange given thatindividually, TynX is better than Zanzarah. However, we often hear that the Russian is an asset for team cohesion. Additionally, Misfits will likely attempt to play on the fact that Zanzarah is a popular player with the public. But in the game, he will have to help the structure to regain his lost title in the spring for the benefit of LDLC OL, which is not said. Let’s meet, then next June 1 for the opener of the LFL Summer Split and Zanzarah debut.

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