Messy waves: 4 tips on how to perfect the summer trend hairstyle

Messy waves
4 tips on how to achieve the perfect summer trend hairstyle

Beach waves spread the holiday mood and that pure beach feeling.


Casual waves, as if you’ve just come from the beach: Beach waves are THE summer hairstyle par excellence. Here you can see four tips with which you can easily get the style right at home!

Pure beach feeling, no matter where you are: Beach Waves combine a stylish look with the flair of summer, sun and a good mood. No wonder the beach waves in the hairstyle are so trendy in summer. Also practical: You can re-style the look at home without much effort – here you can see how it works.

Messy Waves: You should know these four tricks

In the video you can see four different approaches to style the Beach Waves yourself: With one Straightening iron, with the Curling iron, with mousse and with one Hair band. Each of the methods has its own advantages and works particularly well with a particular hair structure. Which one suits you best? Just try it out!

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