Met Gala 2024: These are the secret beauty tricks of the stars

Met Gala 2024
These are the stars’ secret beauty tricks

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When Hollywood stars step onto the red carpet, it feels like the sun is rising. Because they radiate a glow that is second to none. You know what’s behind it, right? Not (just) the good genes, but a team of people and various treatments that ensure that he or she looks really good on the special evening. And they have it all. In what unusual ways do A-list stars like Jessica Biel, 42, or Lily James, 35, freshen up for the fashion event of the month, the Met Gala? GALA explains the beauty tricks for the red carpet.

Lily James spends $3,000 on her Met Gala facial

An invitation to the Met Gala is still an honor even for the crème de la crème of the Hollywood elite and something that some A-listers can only dream of. Anyone who receives the coveted invitation from Anna Wintour, 74, can consider themselves lucky – and has to perform. With fashion and beautiful beauty looks. For actress Lily James, there seems to be hardly any limit to plump skin and a great glow on the evening of May 6, 2024. The “Cinderella” actress works with facialist Ivan Pol for the event and undergoes his “The Beauty Sandwich” method. Cost: a mere $3,000. To achieve this, the Hollywood actress undergoes a total of three different facial treatments 72 hours before the gala. These include a calming treatment that is intended to reduce inflammation and swelling and a massage technique that is intended to contour the face.

Jessica Biel bathes in 10 kilograms of salt

Jessica Biel also has a unique beauty trick to offer. She revealed on Tik Tok: She bathes in Epsom salts before the event. “The night before, take a 30-minute bath with water as hot as you can stand,” she explains in a short video. Afterwards, drink a lot of water and sleep for a long time, says Justin Timberlake’s wife. What that brings ?Epsom salts such as Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate contain magnesium, which is said to improve sleep and can reduce inflammation levels in the body. Bathing in it is said to promote relaxation and soften the skin Tamara Ralph impressed with her visually baby-soft and radiant skin.

Jessica Biel bathes in 10 kilograms of salt for the Met Gala.

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Barry Keoghan relies on LED masks

Only the ladies go all out when it comes to the Met Gala? No way. Male celebrities, like “Saltburn” star Barry Keoghan, 31, are also apparently playing it safe when it comes to glow and firm skin before meeting Anna Wintour. As his facialist shares on Instagram, Barry uses an LED mask for this. With special light therapy, the skin is exposed to different wavelengths of light – mostly red, near-infrared and blue – and in this way is gently stimulated. After just a few sessions of around ten minutes a day, the glow of the complexion can be increased and acne and other skin problems can be reduced. Overall, the skin appears clearer, smoother and plumper. The beau’s flawless appearance speaks for the promised effect.


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