Meta Quest 3: Mark Zuckerberg lets loose in photos and videos on Meta’s new mixed reality headset!

THE Meta Quest 3 was announced by Mark Zuckerberg himself, a few hours before the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase. If a few technical details still remain unanswered – and will no doubt wait for the Meta Connect of September 27 to be known – a lot of information has been released by the big boss of Meta and his assistant in charge of the AR/VR part, Andrew Bosworth.

As you will see, Mark Zuckerberg is proud of his new toy and has just posted on his accounts Facebook And instagram a short video showing the Meta Quest 3 in action (video subtitled in French by us).

Basically, he reminds us that the Meta Quest 3 is, to date, the best mixed reality headset on the consumer market (small challenge for the announcement Apple scheduled for June 5)that it has a passthrought high definition color, that it is thin and light, that its pancake lenses combined with two high definition screens work wonders (this is not the original text, but the idea is there). In short, on the concept, nothing new vi that the Meta Quest Pro had already been teased in this sense. However, the doubled power of the on-board chip and the new camera and depth sensor system really seem to provide a virtual immersion experience in reality.

But he also adds some very casual photos:

Meta Quest 3 Photos Zuckerbergt 05Meta Quest 3 Photos Zuckerbergt 04Meta Quest 3 Photos Zuckerbergt 02Meta Quest 3 Photos Zuckerbergt 01Meta Quest 3 Photos Zuckerbergt 03

The Meta Quest 3 is scheduled for this fall at a price of 569.99 euros for the 128 GB version. The 256 version should cost just under a hundred euros more. Waiting for, the Meta Quest 2 128 GB and 256 GB drop in price from June 4 to cost 349.99 euros and 399.99 euros respectively. It’s time to have fun.

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