Meta Quest 3 reportedly aiming for release this year

While Meta’s Reality Labs department has many projects in store, including the release of a first pair of smart glasses in 2025 and a first pair of augmented reality glasses that are supposed to create the event in 2027, it is mainly information relating to to the Meta Quest 3 that interests us here. According to The Verge reports, the successor to the Quest 2 is aiming for release this year and will be twice as thin and twice as powerful as the current model, while costing “slightly more” than the 400 dollars requested for the Quest 2 (450 euros with us since the price increase).

Other important information, especially for a very discreet manufacturer on the issue, Mark Rabkin would have confirmed that the company has sold nearly 20 million Quest since the launch of the range in May 2019. An impressive figure, especially when you look at it. compares to 5 million PS VR (last figure communicated by the manufacturer in January 2020) which underlines the potential of autonomous and wireless VR (which does not need a console or a PC to operate).

An insufficient level of commitment?

Still, if Meta is in a rush to release a Quest 3 just three years after the release of Quest 2, it’s for good reason. By the vice-president’s own admission, the Quest is having difficulty retaining the most recent buyers. “Right now we’re in the third year of Quest 2. And unfortunately the new cohorts that are coming in, the people who bought it last Christmas, aren’t as engaged as those who bought it earlier.“, he would have explained to the employees who attended the presentation.

This disappointing level of retention adds to the main challenge that awaits Meta with the release of the Quest 3, codenamed Stinson, namely convincing the public to turn to this new model which will be priced higher than that of a Quest 2 already not given. “We need to prove to people that all this power and new features are worth it“, launches the manager. Note that features present on PS VR2 such as foveal rendering and eye tracking do not seem to be on the Quest 3 program, no doubt because of the concessions necessary to ensure wireless and autonomous operation.

On the other hand, Meta intends to emphasize the dimension of mixed reality. The helmet would indeed be designed to be worn while being able to easily perform all kinds of everyday tasks around the house. Prepare yourself psychologically for promotional images showing a Quest 3 wearer drinking coffee while looking happy. A total of 41 new applications would already be ready to accompany the launch of Quest 3, including mixed reality experiences that will show what the gear is capable of.

Ventura, an entry-level helmet for 2024?

Speaking of Matos, Meta is not afraid to flood the market given that there is already talk of another helmet expected in 2024. Codenamed Ventura, the objective of this model will be to present the price the most attractive of the virtual reality market, while embedding as much power as possible. The Xbox Series S of VR headsets, in a way.

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