Meta Quest 3: the new official and priced mixed reality compatible VR headset, the Meta Quest 2 will drop in price!

It’s the big day for virtual reality enthusiasts! Even before the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase from this evening, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has formalized the Meta Quest 3a new generation of standalone headsets that is expected to surpass the Meta Quest 2released in 2020, on many points.

Meta promises us improved resolution, more than doubled performance thanks to a new chip Snapdragon and smoother, faster graphics. The headset will mostly benefit from augmented reality and will therefore offer mixed reality via technology Meta Reality and lentils pass-through in high fidelity colorsand will offer increased comfort thanks to a thinner and more comfortable product, thanks to 40% thinner optical elements. The controllers Touch Plus will also be entitled to a new version described as more ergonomicintegrating haptic feedback TruTouch. As for games, it will of course be compatible with the entire catalog. Quest 2 and its already more than 500 playable experiences.

On the other hand, no precise technical specificity has been given: it may be necessary to wait for the conference Meta Connect September 27 and 28 to find out more. The release is already scheduled for fall 2023, and the price set at $499 or €569.99 in the 128 GB versioneither $100 or €120 more than the Meta Quest 2 Currently.

Besides, the price of the Meta Quest 2 will drop with the release of the Quest 3: it will drop to $299 in 128 GB and $349 in 256 GB from June 4, prices that he had displayed for a long time before seeing his prices increase in the face of growing demand and production costs at their highest. What makes you want to buy a helmet VR at the end of the year, old or new generation?

Finally, note that the Quest 2 and the Quest Pro will soon be updated with the latest advances from the developers of Meta. Expect to an improvement of up to 26% in the power of the CPU and 19% of GPUs of Quest 2, and 11% of Quest Pro, for even more fluidity and responsiveness during gameplay. They will also incorporate dynamic resolution scaling to take advantage of increased pixel density without dropping frames. This should delight current owners of the devices.

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