Meteor World Actor: Badge & Dagger will be released June 10 on PC via Steam in Europe

Available since last year in Japan, Meteor World Actor: Badge & Daggerthe supernatural investigation visual novel developed by Heliodor and published by Shiravune considered as the sequel to the title Meteor World Actor released in our regions in 2020, will arrive June 10 on PC via Steam in the West.

A demo already available for the occasion

In addition to sharing this information as well as the opening of the game, the developers took the opportunity to announce that it was possible to have a preview of it. via a demo which is already available on Steam. On the other hand, if you hoped to be able to play it in French, you will unfortunately have to settle for an English translation.

For those who do not know this production, it takes place in the city of the 7th Republic. We follow the story of Ruka Hiryu, a detective belonging to the 13th division of the National Police Agency.

Treaty “like shit” by his hierarchy, this character decides to re-open a closed case titled “The Massacre of the Cult” as two new members join his section and his institution must deal with unreliable rumors about the enigmatic Shining Union.

See you in just over a month to discover the international version of Meteor World Actor: Badge & Dagger.

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