Michael Goldman finally more lenient with students, “he’s my first crush”

The director of Star Academy 2023 edition is not unanimous among viewers. Michael Goldman is particularly uncompromising with academics, so much so that the announcement of a first crush causes a sensation. Explanations.

The next bonus star Academy is in preparation! Like every week since the launch of season 11 on November 4, the students are redoubling their efforts to put on a show on the set of TF1.Especially since renowned guests are announced on Saturday December 2, such as the Canadian Charlotte Cardin who has just released his second album 99 Nights, Chimene Badi or even Mika, whose new opus is due out this week too. As is the rule, three students are nominated for elimination, namely Victorien, Candice and Djebril, following an emotional evaluation. One of them will join Marie-Maud, Lola and Louis, already left behind.

On Wednesday, November 29, the academicians each took turns proposing a choreography to the title My love of Slimane, also present during the fifth bonus next Saturday, with which he will represent France at Eurovision 2024 in Sweden. They also had to perform a song of their choice in piano-voice. One of them particularly shone, it wasHelena.

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Héléna congratulated by the director of star Academy

The 21-year-old Belgian moved the faculty with her version of the song I fly by Michel Sardou, rediscovered 10 years ago thanks to the interpretation of Louane in the film The Aries family. So much so that stage expression teacher Cécile Chaduteau shed a few tears in front of the camera. For his part, the director of the 2023 class was full of praise, even though he is often criticized on social networks for his intransigence. “I have a problem with Héléna, it’s that for me, she really has an exceptional voice, but I’m starting to get tired of hearing her sing out of tune”he also declared on November 22, about the young student.

This time, the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman was kind enough to admit that Héléna had done great progress since his arrival at the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys. “There are people who are lucky enough to have a stamp that already says so much, that they don’t need to do too much to say something”he was kind enough to admit, before confirming that for him it was a question of “there most successful performance from the beginning” of this season star Academy. “It’s my first crush”he repeated, letting the student believe that she had a chance of going far in the adventure.


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