Michel Drucker operated on the heart: the stress in question? Why he is convinced

Michel Drucker experienced serious health problems in September 2020. Concerns that took him to the operating room, where he had to undergo heavy open-heart surgery. guest in seven to eight this January 23, the facilitator spoke of his stress, which would be, according to him, at the origin of his problems.

No, Michel Drucker is not “indestructible”. In September 2020, the host was victim of sepsis. Part of his heart was hit and he almost lost a leg. Result: the one who is also a producer underwent open-heart surgery and triple bypass surgery. But then, how did it get there? How is it that, despite a “irreproachable lifestyle”, Michel Drucker was not spared? guest in seven to eight this January 23, for the portrait of the week, the 79-year-old host tries to answer this question. I think it’s the stress because I have been doing this job for almost sixty years and I already had this stress when I was a kid”, he explained to Audrey Crespo-Mara.

In the program broadcast on TF1, the one who has been camping on his red sofa for years ensures that he practices “a stressful job” and that he must, in addition, hide it when he is filming. If it’s not always easy for him, he does the exercise brilliantly. ” I am very worried. It’s the family heirloom », assures the facilitator. This permanent anguish, he would take it from its Slavic origins but, above all, from his father. “It was my father who left us, before leaving, all the anxiety that has inhabited him all his life. And, me, i think it was the stress that got to me.”

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A ten-hour operation

Following his health problems, Michel Drucker underwent surgery. A risky operation, which lasted about ten o’clock, during which surgeons changed a heart valve and coronary artery of the moderator. We uncorked the front leg because, within a few hours, it was cut”, said the producer. After this difficult moment, when he believed find all [ses] friends (Johnny Hallyday, Claude Francois, Charles Aznavour…)”, Michel Drucker experienced months of rehabilitation. It was then not long before take over the reins of Can’t wait for Sunday. On January 14, he also came back on stage to play his show, titled From you to me.

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