Michelle Pfeiffer: The US actress now wears a different hair color

Michelle Pfeiffer
The US actress now wears a different hair color

She no longer looks like this: Michelle Pfeiffer

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Michelle Pfeiffer shows up with a new hair color. She said goodbye to blonde for a film. This is how their celebrity followers react.

New role, new hair color. The actually blonde US actress Michelle Pfeiffer (62, "Maleficent: Powers of Darkness") shows herself on Instagram with an unusual head of hair. She now wears her shoulder-length hair in red.

As can be seen from the comment on the selfie, the type change is due to a new film role: "Becoming Frances Price," writes Pfeiffer. In the comedy drama "French Exit" she plays the aging Manhattan personality who lives on the miserable remnants of an inheritance and who eventually moves to Paris with her son and a cat … The film is due to open in cinemas in early 2021.

This is how their celebrity followers react

Michelle Pfeiffer's celebrity followers like the new hair color. "Beauty in Red," comments model Naomi Campbell (50). "It's completely different. Of course it looks great. And I see a bit of Hermione," writes fellow actor Selma Blair (48). Film star Julianne Moore (60), herself a redhead, sends her three flames (hot, hot, hot) – with colleague Octavia Spencer (50) there are even five. And US star Diane Keaton (74) sends two red hearts.