Mickey Rourke: He sees Til Schweiger as a “crucified” colleague

Mickey Rourke
He sees Til Schweiger as a “crucified” colleague

Mickey Rourke (left) wants to help Til Schweiger.

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Mickey Rourke assists Til Schweiger. After the allegations against the German star, he speaks of a strong and loyal man.

After allegations of alleged misconduct by Til Schweiger (59) on the set of “Manta Manta – Zwoter Teil” his fellow actor Mickey Rourke (70) is at his side. The American writes on Instagramhe had heard that Schweiger had recently been “crucified in the tabloids”.

For him, Schweiger is not only “a dear friend”, but also “perhaps the greatest talent as an actor, director and producer”. He has already worked with his colleague and respects Schweiger’s work process as a “very creative and pleasant man”. He wants to help him and knows that the 59-year-old is “a strong, smart, loyal man” with substance who loves making films. Sometimes all you need is a friend, and Rourke wants to be that friend for Schweiger.

Schweiger worked as one of the directors on the anthology film “Berlin, I Love You” from 2019, in which Rourke also played one of the roles. Rourke and Schweiger will appear in front of the camera in an upcoming film. In March was among other things reported by the “Bild” newspaperthat Schweiger shot with his daughter Luna (26) in his hotel in Mallorca for the strip “Hollywood And Crime”. Alec Baldwin (65) and Danny Trejo (78) will also appear in it.

“We started with an intensive reconnaissance”

Regarding allegations by crew members, which “Spiegel” made public at the end of AprilConstantin boss Martin Moszkowicz (65) had said in the past week in conversation with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” voiced. “I take the allegations very seriously and we have started an intensive investigation,” he said. On the day of shooting, Schweiger was “apparently heavily intoxicated – an employee of Constantin Film prevented him from starting work at the location. In the subsequent argument, there was an assault.”


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