Microphone was still on: Biden insults reporters as “bastard”

Microphone was still on
Biden insults reporter as ‘shithead’

The press conference in the White House is almost over when a Fox reporter tries to lure President Biden out of his reserve with a question about inflation. The annoyed President’s answer is actually not intended for the public.

US President Joe Biden has been caught vulgarly insulting a journalist because the microphone was still on. “What a stupid bastard,” Biden said Monday at the White House via reporter Peter Doocy of the conservative news network Fox News, according to recordings.

At the end of a press conference, Doocy asked Biden if high inflation in the US could harm his Democratic Party in the November midterm elections. “No, that’s a big advantage. More inflation,” said Biden, who was still standing at his desk, sarcastically in a low voice – probably assuming that his microphone was already on. “What a stupid prick.”

Biden used the expression “stupid son of a bitch”. “Son of a bitch” is considered a less serious insult in the USA than the literal German translation “Hurensohn”. Biden’s comments were clearly heard on the recordings. Doocy is no stranger to Biden. The Fox reporter regularly tries to make his voice heard and surprise the President with his questions.

The White House initially declined to comment.

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