Microsoft: GSK partner around health in Nepal

( – GSK and Microsoft today announced the launch of a disease surveillance project in Nepal, as part of a collaboration with the country’s Center for Health and Disease Studies (CHDS).

The pilot project, which will leverage Microsoft’s Premonition systems and GSK’s expertise in health and disease, will explore how artificial intelligence and robotics can support local communities’ response to climate change and vector-borne diseases (i.e. human diseases caused by parasites, viruses or bacteria and transmitted between humans by living organisms).

The idea is to be able to inform local decision-making and build more resilient health systems. Ultimately, the goal will be to successfully develop new surveillance strategies to detect and manage disease threats early, especially in underserved communities where outbreaks may be detected too late.

If successful, the ambition is to engage new partners and extend this project to other countries.

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