Microsoft: Xbox Game Pass soon on Switch and PlayStation?

If Microsoft has its Xbox Series X|S in its catalog, the manufacturer especially highlights the Game Passallowing you to play a whole bunch of games on your consoles or computers, including its exclusives first party upon their launch. A service that is even available in cloud gaming with the version Ultimateto play on an old laptop or even a smartphone.

A few years ago, rumors suggested that the Xbox Game Pass could land on Nintendo Switch, nothing concrete has happened since, but obviously, it was a real desire that has not been forgotten. Tim Stuart, CFO of Xboxrecently expressed its desire to wear the Xbox Game Pass on as many screens as possible, and there is no question of stopping at Xbox :

It’s a bit of a change of strategy. I’m not announcing anything here, but our mission is to bring our first-party experiences and subscription services to every screen that can run games. That means Smart TVs, that means mobile devices, that means we’re taking into consideration our competitors from the past like PlayStation and Nintendo.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft no longer presents itself as a competitor to Sony And Nintendobut rather as a separate player in the video game market, offering a different and complementary service. So, will we one day see the Xbox Game Pass on PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch? Difficult to say, but the idea is tempting, right?

Until then, you can purchase a month’s subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate from €13.99 on Amazon, Cdiscount And there Fnac.

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