Mighty Oaks: Here the folk band plays their new album live for the first time

Mighty Oaks
Here the folk band plays their new album live for the first time

The Mighty Oaks can be seen in the stream on June 17th

© Marco Fischer

Before the Mighty Oaks 2022 goes on tour, there will be the opportunity to hear the new songs live at the Greentech Festival – for everyone.

The Mighty Oaks will play their new album “Mexico” for the first time live on June 17th – and everyone can be there. While the three boys’ tour cannot start until 2022 due to the pandemic, Telekom presents the Berlin folk band as part of the third Greentech Festivalwhich will take place from June 16-18.

The new songs on the album, which was released in May, were created during Corona, but have never before been performed live. While the festival for sustainability and green technologies takes place both online and in Berlin’s Kraftwerk, the folk band will play in a studio in Hamburg. The concert can be seen from 7 p.m. in the free live stream on or on the broadcaster on MagentaTV.

“An affair of the heart”

The Greentech Festival, which this year has the motto #celebratechange, has made it its mission to find ways out of the climate crisis. This includes the exhibition area, in which environmentally friendly products and technologies are presented, as well as a conference where possible solutions are discussed and the Green Award, which values ​​the most innovative projects.

In addition to the Mighty Oaks concert, the station will also be showing the Green Awards on June 18 from 8 p.m. as well as selected highlights of the conference on MagentaTV. “It is a matter close to our hearts that our performance can be seen at the Greentech Festival and that we can get so many people excited about sustainability together,” says singer Ian Hopper happily.

The Mighty Oaks have been known to music fans since their 2014 top 10 album “Howl”. Hopper, originally from Washington, also took part in the music show “Sing my Song” on VOX this year. In addition, the Mighty Oaks took part in the Free European Song Contest this year. “Mexico” is their fourth album.