Miley Cyrus: New single “Flowers” breaks Spotify record right away

Miley Cyrus
New single “Flowers” breaks Spotify record right away

Miley Cyrus is delighted with the success of her new single “Flowers”.

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Strong start week for the new Miley Cyrus single “Flowers”: The song immediately became the most streamed Spotify title in one week.

Great news for US superstar Miley Cyrus (30): Her new single “Flowers” broke a Spotify record right away. Never before in the history of the streaming service has a track been listened to more frequently in a single week. The company confirmed this in a statement, shared by the artist on Twitter. “Thank you Spotify and my amazing fans,” Cyrus wrote on the post.

How often exactly the song was streamed is not yet known. However, the previous record was with the K-pop band BTS and their hit “Butter” with 99.37 million streams in one week. Cyrus released “Flowers” on January 12th. It’s a preview of their upcoming album, Endless Summer Vacation, which is due out on March 10th. Cyrus also made it to the top of the single charts in the USA with “Flowers”, in Germany the song is number two after a week.

Miley Cyrus has never been on the number one in Germany

The last Cyrus album “Plastic Hearts” was released in 2020 and only made it to second place in the album charts in the USA. In Germany it wasn’t even enough for the top ten. Her last single to hit number one in the US before “Flowers” was her smash hit “Wrecking Ball” in 2013. In Germany, Miley Cyrus has never been able to climb the throne of the single or album charts.


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