Modified Agirc-Arrco retirement, new RSA, gas prices… What changes in March for your budget

The benchmark price of gas falling, the amount of the Agirc-Arrco supplementary pension modified, the end of big promotions in supermarkets… Discover the good and bad news for your finances from March 1st.

Benchmark gas price falling

This is rare enough that it’s worth noting. While electricity prices rose another 10% on February 1, gas prices are calming down. Good news for the wallets of the 10 million households who use this energy source for heating, hot water production or for cooking.

In fact, the “benchmark” price of gas set each month by the Energy Regulatory Commission is down for the month of March. This benchmark price is an average estimate of the costs borne by suppliers for the supply of natural gas.

Indicative data provided by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE)

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Even if the CRE benchmark price remains an indication with no binding value, energy suppliers tend to apply its evolution to their customers. Hence the importance of regularly comparing your contract to the benchmark price and to the competition’s offers.


“Market prices are today reaching particularly low levels,” explains the CRE. As for the benchmark subscription price, it is also stagnating.

Indicative data provided by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE)

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Modified Agirc-Arrco retirement

Friday February 9, basic retirement insurance pensions were increased by 5.3%. An increase which was accompanied by an update of social security contribution rates for some. Result: an even sharper increase in the amount of the pension for the luckiest, or, conversely, a more modest increase, or even a reduction in the amount of the pension.

If you have been affected by a change in the CSG rate for your basic pension, this will also apply to the Agirc-Arrco supplement paid from March 1 if you are a former private sector employee.

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Tobacco prices still rising

Bad news for the 12 million smokers. The bill will be even higher from March 1st. This increase in tobacco prices was validated by a stop published on February 9 at Official newspaper. Not all brands are affected. Marlboro, Camel or Winston, for example, are not affected. On the other hand, Rothmans Rouge Select, in 20 units, will for example go from 11.60 euros to 12.10 euros per pack. The Lucky Strike Winfield Red XXL and Lucky Strike Red XXL 30 cigarettes will go from 17.25 euros to 18 euros.

Expired 2023 restaurant vouchers

The 2023 restaurant vouchers are expiring. From March 1, those acquired last year will no longer be valid. Don’t panic though, they can be transferred to your 2024 balance so you don’t lose them.

If you have a card with your restaurant vouchers on it, you probably don’t need to do anything. At Edenred, the 2023 balance will be automatically transferred by March 31 to your 2024 balance. On the other hand, if your employer still distributes paper vouchers, here is the procedure to follow without delay.

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The end of big promotions in supermarkets

Passed a year ago, the Descrozaille law comes into force on March 1. This new legislation, named after the Renaissance MP who brought it, Frédéric Descrozaille, will limit promotions on non-food products to 34%.

A measure supposed to protect manufacturers in their negotiations with large retailers and therefore protect SMEs which cannot lower the price of their sales.

“For several weeks, the brands have been “charging” Frédéric Descrozaille to make him responsible in advance for prices which will be less attractive. On the front page of its leaflets at the start of the year, Carrefour, for example, added a label “promotions soon to be banned”,” underlines in a LinkedIn postconsumer specialist Olivier Dauvers.

On X (formerly Twitter), here is the latest Carrefour operation spotted by Olivier Dauvers: up to 80% until February 29!

15 hours of activity to receive RSA?

From March, the conditioned active solidarity income (RSA) will no longer be tested in 18 departments as today but in 47 departments. The list of 47 departments, announced for mid-February, has however still not been released by the Ministry of Labor.

In these 47 departments, RSA recipients must be monitored for their return to employment, as part of the France Travail reform. However, the conditioning of RSA payment on 15 hours of activity (or more, or less, depending on the case) is not fully operational. The activities (internships, driving licenses, job searches, etc.) counted must still be specified. And a decree from the Council of State must specify the terms of suspension of the RSA.

The real changeover of RSA conditional on a minimum of 15 hours of activity is therefore planned for 2025.

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A more transparent label for choosing your investments

The ISR label should allow the general public to choose savings vehicles that integrate environmental, social and governance principles into their management.

Today, there are nearly 1,200 funds labeled “Socially Responsible Investment” (SRI) which are systematically referenced in the units of account, these supports that you can choose for a life insurance contract or a savings plan. retirement.

But this state label, much criticized, will see its criteria reformed from March 1. The main change announced is the impossibility for a fund to invest in companies carrying out new exploration, exploitation or refining projects linked to hydrocarbons, including oil and gas.



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