Monster Hunter Stories: a very disappointing discovery for collectors

These last months, Capcom announced a port of Monster Hunter Stories first of the name on PS4, Switch and PC, before revealing that its sequel Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin already available on two of these supports would see the light of day on the same date on the console Sony. Enough to keep players waiting until the arrival in 2025 of Monster Hunter Wilds. A compilation called Monster Hunter Stories Collection has at the same time appeared on the official website and it goes without saying that finding your way among the different physical editions or not depending on the territory quickly becomes a headache. However, we were happy to learn that the two games would be boxed together on PlayStation 4 in Europe. Well, that was until these last hours and the discovery of Gematsu

He has indeed reported the possibility of adding to his wish list Monster Hunter Stories Collection on, supporting dust jacket. Even without speaking the language of our neighbors, the statement clearly highlighted at the bottom of the visual is clear. So, the Blu-ray will only include Monster Hunter Stories and a download code will allow you to purchase the second episode…If we are to believe the current pages Steam of the two games, the total needed would be 48 GB (20 and 28 GB respectively), so barring an error, everything could have fit on a single Blu-ray. To believe that Capcom just didn’t want to bother creating one launcher to select the game to play.

On Switch, the two shouldn’t exceed 25 GB combined for comparison. Besides, the North American physical edition of Monster Hunter Stories Collection on the Nintendo console will be housed in the same boat, with only the first on the cartridge. At least in this case there already exists a physical version of MHS2 released at the time and Japan will be entitled to a standard boxed edition of MHSmaking the Switch the only platform where both games will be accessible in this format.

As you will have understood, this is once again a big setback for collectors and lovers of physical goods. Even if it means releasing a boxed compilation, you might as well put everything on the disc. And with such a decision, purchasing desires will potentially decrease among some, giving in the future one more reason for the publisher to no longer even bother offering this and concentrate on everything digital.

On Switch, Monster Hunter Rise is currently sold €22.88 on Amazon in its basic edition.

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