More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Monday January 31, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Elodie’s return risks upsetting Bastien and Luna’s plans, Mouss asserts his authority. As for Karim, he splits the armor and confides in Ophelia.


Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Luna feels too much at the Castels

Withdrawn, Luna attends the reunion of the Castel family. She then asks Mirta to tell her about the inauguration of the hotel. His mother is rather worried about whether Bastien intends to get back together with his wife…

Once the weekend is over, Elodie and Juan are called into Revel’s office. Elodie explains how they met and why she agreed to sell cocaine by teaming up with him. She wanted the money to buy the Celeste and make her eldest son’s dream come true. But participating in the drug trade was a problem for her, especially when she realized that Juan was known for his cruelty. Initially silent, the drug trafficker does not hesitate to make threats against him. Revel asks that he be removed from the room. He then makes Elodie sign her deposition.

Meanwhile, Akira and Sunalee make it clear to Luna that she no longer belongs with them. They are convinced that their parents will get back together because Bastien has invited Elodie to dinner at the restaurant.

In the evening, Luna calls Bastien in the hope of talking to him. She comes across Elodie, who thanks her for taking care of her children in her absence, then tells her that she has decided to leave her family forever…

Mouss makes a big decision

After praising the merits of his strategy to Rochat, Mouss discovers that the students’ home is upside down. Even though Noah apologizes, Mouss realizes he’s not taking things seriously. And when he confronts Betty, Mouss is disappointed to find that she doesn’t express the slightest regret. She even reproaches him for having been naive.

Disgusted, Mouss confides in Nathan who maintains that the only solution is to punish the students to frame them and make themselves respected. Back in his office, it is with a heavy heart that Mouss writes his report concerning Betty’s fault. When Rochat calls him, Mouss declares that the punishment must be up to par. Consequently, Betty will go to the disciplinary council and risk definitive exclusion.

Karim confides in Ophelia

At the Fedalas, Karim receives a call from Ophélie who has to cancel her coding lesson due to a power outage at the driving school. Karim offers to come and help him. Abdel and Bilal insist on coming with him. On site, Karim and Abdel find themselves distraught in front of the electrical panel. As they plan to hire an electrician, Bilal finds the solution.

Karim, Abdel and Bilal together follow a code course led by Ophélie. The three men fight to give the right answer. When asked about pedestrians crossing the road, Ophelia names one of the characters by the name of Elsa. Karim withdraws immediately, then leaves the room.

At the end of his driving lesson with Ophélie, Karim apologizes for his behavior. The instructor notices that a certain Elsa is trying to reach him by phone. Karim explains that it is about his ex, who cheated on him with his worst enemy after a relationship of almost 20 years. Ophelia is touched that he trusts her enough to open up about it and shows compassion.

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