More beautiful life: Mirta learns terrible news

In the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”, Mirta will discover that she has a disease that could well put her life in danger. A difficult ordeal that will lead him to meet a new person.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Plus belle la vie. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Even if the end of Plus belle la vie is fast approaching, the writers have no intention of letting the inhabitants of the Mistral leave in peace. And it is not Mirta (Sylvie Flepp) who will say the opposite. After having been forced to sell her hotel because of the fire that occurred last November, Luna’s mother will have to face news that will turn her life upside down.

In the episode broadcast this Thursday, July 28, Mirta will indeed note the presence of a small ball under his armpit. Worried, she consults Dr. Riva (Joakim Latzko) as quickly as possible to find out if it is a simple lump or much worse. Gabriel then sends him for additional examinations, but he wants to be reassuring: the cysts are generally benign.

Unfortunately for her, the results confirm what she feared: it is breast cancer. In shock, Mirta decides to hide her illness from Luna and her relatives. But while wandering around Marseille, she comes across a church and decides to go inside.

She then goes to the confessional in which is the priest Luc who is as lost as she is. He begins to question his faith in the face of the horrors of life. Very quickly, a special relationship will be forged between the two and Luc will become the only confidant of Mirta, who continues to hide his cancer from those close to him. And even if she has never seen him in person, Luna’s mother will quickly fall under the priest’s spell.

Is a relationship possible between them? How will Mirta’s relatives react when they learn of his illness? Answer in the next episodes of Plus belle la vie, available in preview on Salto.

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