More beautiful life (spoilers): Lola’s secret is threatened

On August 25 in Plus belle la vie (France 3, 8:20 p.m.), Éric attacks Mallard, Émilie and Étienne separate and Lola’s secret is threatened…

In the episode of More beautiful life of Thursday August 25, 2022, after having surprised Justine (Maelli Kervoelen) on the phone, Emma (Pauline Bression) confronts her and asks her questions about her mysterious interlocutor. Annoyed, the young woman sends him packing and advises him to forget Baptiste (Bryan Trésor). The next morning, Justine tells Baptiste about her altercation with Emma. She criticizes him for not having made things clear with his ex, but Baptiste claims to have done his best. He promises to fix the situation with Emma before things get out of hand. Later, Baptiste goes to see Emma at the studio. The latter takes the opportunity to tell him about Justine’s mysterious phone call, but Baptiste doesn’t want to hear anything. All he wants is for Emma to finally leave him alone and not ruin his affair with Justine.

Suspected of having attacked Simon (Julien Ellenrieder), Mallard is summoned to the police station. Questioned by Ariane (Lola Marois), he denies all the charges brought against him. Even if he doesn’t always get along with Simon, he appreciates his neighbor and could never have taken it out on him. In the hospital, Simon’s condition does not improve. He is still in a coma and suffers from liver failure. Consumed by worry, Éric (Régis Maynard) asks Ariane about the investigation. The latter explains having had to release Mallard, for lack of evidence against him, and having confirmed Marc Renkin’s alibi thanks to the demarcation of his telephone. Eric gets angry. He feels the justice system is not up to the task. At the end of the day, he goes to Mallard’s farm and threatens him with his own gun…

Émilie and Étienne separate, Lola’s secret is threatened

The day before, Sylvia (Roxane Turmel) overheard a conversation between Émilie (Laurie Bordesoules) and Étienne. She now knows that Étienne is an adult film actor. Out of curiosity, the young woman decides to watch one and is surprised by Romain (Simon Ehrlacher), who is very surprised to learn what Etienne does with his life outside of studies. A little later, at the Marci, Sylvia teases Émilie about Étienne and tries to find out more about their sex life. The conversation does not escape Nathan (Thibaud Vaneck), who hastens to repeat what he taught Blanche (Cécilia Hornus). The duo watches Étienne’s film in the teachers’ room and is surprised by Émilie. At the end of the afternoon, Etienne goes to see Émilie at the roommate, but the atmosphere is tense. The young woman is not comfortable with her boyfriend’s secondary activity and decides to end their relationship.

At the Mistral bar, Sunalee (Alixe Guidoni) calls out to Kilian (Tim Rousseau) to ask him for Lola’s (Marie Mallia) new number. Kilian refuses, explaining that Lola does not want to be in contact with anyone, but Sunalee insists. Kilian ends up giving her an appointment the same evening at 6 p.m., the time at which Lola is supposed to call him. In the forest, Lola comes out of her tent and finds herself face to face with the wolf she met a few days earlier. She gives him a drink, but the animal just stares at her. Lola talks to him, until he finally leaves. In the evening, while Kilian and Sunalee are waiting for Lola’s call, Thomas (Laurent Kérusoré) and Gabriel (Joakim Latzko) announce that they have decided to visit Lola the next day. Panicked, Kilian looks for excuses but Thomas and Gabriel are not demotivated.

In the evening, Lola finds the wolf in her aunt playing with a pair of socks. She makes conversation with him again, but the moment is interrupted by a call from Kilian. The teenager asks his sister to return urgently to Marseille. Lola categorically refuses and summons her brother to find a solution.

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