More help for those injured: Traffic light and Union agree on application for Veterans Day

More help for those injured
Ampel and Union agree on proposal for Veterans Day

Germany could soon have a holiday for veterans. The opposition and government are planning a joint initiative. In addition to a day full of expressions of respect for those returning from foreign missions, there should also be better care for war victims in the future.

According to a media report, the traffic light factions and the Union in the Bundestag have agreed on a joint proposal to introduce an annual Veterans Day in Germany. According to a report from the newspapers of the Germany Editorial Network, the draft from all four parliamentary groups will soon be submitted to the Bundestag. Accordingly, June 15th should be made German Veterans Day and at the same time the care of soldiers who suffer permanent damage while deployed in the Bundeswehr should be improved.

Since the Bundeswehr was founded, over ten million women and men have served in it, the application states, according to the RND report. Some soldiers suffered serious physical or psychological injuries as a result of their deployment, which continued to affect their lives and those of their relatives long after they returned from deployment. The Bundestag therefore has a special responsibility for the Bundeswehr, and a national day for veterans not only makes it possible to express gratitude and recognition towards veterans, but also promotes understanding in society for their achievements.

Better aftercare

According to the report, the SPD, Greens, FDP and Union are therefore calling on the federal government to “develop a sustainable and contemporary concept for the implementation of June 15th as national veterans’ day” and to ensure a fundamental improvement in the aftercare of injuries sustained, particularly during deployments abroad.

This included rehabilitation measures, therapy offers and care concepts for injured parties and their relatives as well as further use and compensation options. The establishment of a Bundeswehr inpatient therapy facility should also be examined, in which those affected and their families could be treated.

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