"Motherhood": This art exhibition focuses on mothers

Motherhood is underrepresented in art. In the exhibition “Motherhood”, 14 artists are dedicated to the multi-layered motif of the mother and consider different perspectives.

Marina Abramovic once mentioned that it is impossible to be a mother and an artist. A sad statement. This is what the 14 artists and collectives for “Motherhood” have taken on. They want to show what it means to be a mother. The works, carefully selected by curator Nicole Giese-Kroner, show motherhood in all its forms and facets – in a way that we rarely see in contemporary art, nor today.

“Motherhood. Not / Not Yet / No Longer / Maybe / Being a Mother” illuminates – as the somewhat unwieldy name suggests – the different aspects of being a mother in the biological, psychological and social sense.

The focus of the exhibition is on the mother as an artist and the difficulties that come with it, but it also deals with queer motherhood – because a mother does not necessarily have to be female, families can have two mothers, two fathers and other diverse structures. Not being a mother is also an issue. Not every woman has to, can or wants to become a mother. In their works, the artists tell stories about not wanting to, not being able to, and losing.

Syker Vorwerk
Center for Contemporary Art in Syke
December 11, 2022 to February 26, 2023

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