Mothers in kindergarten: do they sound familiar to you?

Are you one of them?
5 Kindergarten Mothers We All Know

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You meet all sorts of different types of mother in the kindergarten corridor. Don’t they sound familiar to you?

1. The master baker

Oha! Next to her, many mommies are pale with envy. Because it is equipped with its sugary secret weapon at any time and in any place: a wonderfully delicious cake. Whether chocolate tart, juicy muffins or the multi-tiered, fondant-related cake – she simply steals the show with her creations. Well deserved and hats off you have to say. Because the good thing about her: Even if she first reminds us of our own inability in front of the oven, there are always delicious cakes. Yummie!

2. The helicopter mother

Well known, feared by educators, but also often understood by cautious parents. The mom who circles her children like a helicopter and wants to protect them from all the dangers of this world. She would have preferred if helmets and knee guards were compulsory in kindergarten and climbing frames from a height of 30 centimeters were failed by the TÜV. She has trouble letting go when she takes the little ones to kindergarten and lingers in the hallway next to the cloakroom for a long time. It may be that she can still help somehow. When playing, educating, cooking – true to the motto: Trust is good, control is better. The good thing about her: She never makes you doubt how strong a mother’s love can be.

3. The hunted

With this mom you mainly see dust. The one who stirs up when she drives away. Because as nimble as she was there, she’s gone again. Hello educator, hello child, jacket on, get in, bye-bye! It would be difficult for her to make a phantom image. Hair color, outfit, special features? Nobody has ever been able to remember. The hunted woman has a very busy schedule and she has to be effective. The good thing about her: educators are not involved in long conversations and can finish work sooner.

4. The unpunctual one

A super jam on the main road, the dog has gastrointestinal complaints and the teddy bear didn’t want to get into the car – apparently there is more going on at the unpunctual one than elsewhere. Unfortunately, the educators often work overtime because of her. The good thing about her: If you’re running late yourself, it doesn’t really matter. The unpunctual one tops every delay. In addition, she always vows to get better. And as is well known, insight is the best prerequisite for this …

5. The complainer

The toys are not cool enough, the premises are not designed according to Feng Shui, and the food contains too much gluten. The complainer would like to have everything different in kindergarten and is happy to share that – much to the chagrin of the educators. The good thing about her: She also opens her mouth when others don’t dare. And we still know from school: somehow every group needs someone like that, right?