Multiple criminal records – crime tourist in court for photo trick

For Interpol, the 22-year-old Moroccan is not a blank slate: He is already known in various countries and has a criminal record. Now he is also on trial in Vienna – for robbery!

The defense attorney says she met her client “as a very polite young man.” That may also be true. But for the prosecutor he is a robber who stole gold chains from passers-by or wristwatches. And, as he emphasizes, “according to a very clear pattern, which is why he has already been convicted several times abroad.” With many identities. In France there are six convictions in a row under different names – but with the same DNA and fingerprints. He also left traces in Belgium, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. At Interpol he circulates under the heading of “trick pickpocket and dancer”. Gold chain torn from his neck And that’s exactly what he wants to be, at most a thief, not a robber. He approaches his victims charmingly, asks for a photo as a tourist, pats the willing people on the shoulder – and then they realize that they are missing jewelry! It is said to have been different with a Viennese, who is said to have torn the heavy gold chain from behind his neck. She also brought 950 euros to a jewelry dealer. Adjourned for the testimony of another victim.
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