Murder is her hobby: Jessica Fletcher is investigating again – a film based on the cult series is planned



Many years before Richard Castle, Jessica Fletcher proved in “Murder is Her Hobby” that crime writers also make good sleuths. Now there is a film based on the cult series.

Murder is her hobby (source:

  • Angela Lansbury played crime writer Jessica Fletcher, who solves murder cases part-time, in 12 seasons of “Murder is Her Hobby”.
  • Now the cult series is set to come to the big screen as a film.
  • The production is not making any progress at the moment, the authors’ strike is of course to blame.

Crime fans certainly remember “Murder is their hobby.” The series with Angela Lansbury had an impressive 264 episodes and paved the way for later hits like “Castle” and “Monk”.

Even in 2023, 27 years after the last episode was broadcast, “Murder is your hobby” still has a permanent place in the German television program, with RTL Up and Warner TV series showing repeats almost every day. But anyone who already knows all of Jessica Fletcher’s cases can now look forward to more information.

Murder is her hobby – film

Murder is her hobby

Murder is her hobby (source:

Universal Pictures is working on a feature film based on “Murder is your hobby” – or would be working on it if it weren’t for the writers’ and actors’ strike. Before the strike, Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo had already been hired as screenwriters for the project, and production will now continue as soon as the strike has ended.

A leading actress has not yet been announced, but Emma Thompson or Helen Mirren would certainly be considered if the film is again about a British author over 60.

Since Angela Lansbury died in 2022, there unfortunately cannot be a guest appearance by the former “Murder is Her Hobby” star. We will find out more about the film in 2024, but a cinema release is not expected until 2025.

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