Nail polish 2024: here is the manicure trend of the moment: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Nails can also be dressed up. Whether you’re a fan of classic varnish, semi-permanent or gel, you’re always looking for inspiration and the latest trends to adopt. And that’s good, this season, there’s something to enjoy. As we have seen, chrome is very fashionable, it comes in many colors, whether pink, red or even brown, and it’s great! But there is also another major trend which dominates the world of nail art, and which is not likely to weaken with the arrival of the Mob wife trend: the French manicure.

Interviewed by Femme Actuelle, the nail artist and nail prosthesis trainer, Lili Creuk confirmed that the French had not said its last word in 2024. Its strong point? It is available endlessly and for all tastes. “It goes from the simple French, to the chrome French, the French with effects and the degraded French. illustrates Lili Creuk. We’re completely in love with the superb split French manicure with its ultra-trendy graphic side. But there is a little news that has in turn taken a place of choice among the new manicures that we want to fall for: the black French.

The black French manicure, the new hot nail trend to adopt in 2024

With its mysterious elegance and a touch of rock, black nail polish is one of the timeless ones, just like nude or red. And this time, he returns to the forefront to revisit the French manicure. Here again, we find numerous variations, as highlighted The media Bustle. The one we see a lot on the networks? A play between a matte black nail base and the shiny nail tip, it’s absolutely stunning. But we also see more traditional French ones with the nude base and the tip in black, and others on the contrary which move into the world of more elaborate nail art with jewels and pearls which decorate the French or even a black varnish used for designs like an animal print. In short, the black French will have something to delight you, as it is versatile and trendy.


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