Nail polish trends for winter |

Do you want to know which nail polish trends we really wear in winter? Here are four looks that you can actually imitate at home – we promise!

Our sense of fashion and beauty is fully geared towards winter. Sure, after all, we're already bombarded with the latest trends and must-haves on Instagram. But especially when it comes to nail polish, many are unsure. The reason: Most of it is not really portable and, above all, can be implemented alone. Here are five trends that are actually easy to follow.

These nail polish trends convince us

Logo nails

If you still remember the good old nail stickers, then you will love this trend. Logo nail art is not only easy, it also looks fancy aaaaaaal. There are now many designs of nail stickers to buy and you just have to stick them on and then seal them with a transparent varnish on the nail. It doesn't get any easier than that. And if you have a very steady hand, you can even paint the logos yourself – we should all get the Chanel logo, right ?!

Chunky glitter

Seems like our beloved glitter is back – just as cool as we remember it. The glitter on our nail can be as large and unevenly distributed as possible. They are usually contained in the glitter polish anyway, but if you want, you can of course spread a few glitter particles on the nail polish yourself and then seal it with a layer of top coat. By the way, it looks especially cool when the nail polish is transparent so that you can actually only see glitter.

Amber look

If you feel like investing a little more time (but not too much), we have a particularly nice trend for you: amber-look nail polish. You don't really need much to do this except for two colored lacquers, which roughly resemble the nuances of an amber. The light, rather orange-colored tone is first applied to the nails, then a few blobs of brown are added and mixed a little. This works great with a toothpick or a nail art tool. Here, however, you need a bit of tact, otherwise the result will quickly look like an orange-brown mush – not like an amber.

Gold French

Gold simply belongs in winter. And since French Nails are back anyway, we simply combine both trends into one. Golden French nails are not only super subtle, they also fit every occasion. You can either apply the golden tip to your nails with nail polish or with small adhesive films. If you don't like gold: Of course you can also use silver!