Nana Mouskouri lifts the veil on her cancer: “You should never give up when you are sick”

At 88, Nana Mouskouri is now more discreet in the media space. On the occasion of a charity event, the Greek singer confided in the columns of Gala, in particular about her cancer.

Committed singer, Nana Mouskouri will soon participate in an auction for a good cause. On June 19, she will be selling her most beautiful stage outfits for the benefit of the Hospital Foundation. And there are many of her gala and concert outfits! The Greek interpreter began his career in 1958 before traveling the world. A career that has allowed him to record more than 1,500 songs in different languages ​​such as Hebrew or Japanese. In 1963, Nana Mouskouri was chosen to represent Luxembourg at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song To force to pray. She will finish in eighth place. Today, the one who is characterized by her dark glasses from which she never separates, declares having fought cancer in an interview with the magazine Gala.

A few years ago, Nana Mouskouri was affected by pancreatic cancer and had chosen not to reveal her illness. “I never wanted to talk about it. It was in 2015, I was coming back from Australia, I had chemotherapy which lasted eight months“, confided the singer who admits to having gone through difficult times. It was his fiery temper and his pugnacity that allowed him to hold on and defeat the disease. “I am optimistic, I know that you should never give up when you are sick. You really have to fight“, she estimated in the columns of Gala. In her fight, Nana Mouskouri was able to count on her loved ones and on the one who has shared her life since the 1970s.

Unwavering support

Indeed, Nana Mouskouri faced the disease alongside André Chapelle who was her producer.. After her divorce in 1975 from the musician and producer Geórgios Petsilás, who is also the father of her two children, Nicolas and Hélène, she became closer to André Chapelle, whom she already knew. Married since 2003, they now live in Switzerland, more in love than ever. “If I hadn’t had it, I wouldn’t have done everything I did. We are still in love. When he’s there, I’m fine. I’m afraid of losing him. And it’s the same for him“, concluded Nana Mouskouri to the magazine Gala.

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