“Nana Mouskouri?” Thomas Sotto makes fun of Julia Vignali’s look live in Télématin (VIDEO)

This Wednesday morning, Julia Vignali surprised all her team by appearing with a new look. On the set of Telematin, Thomas Sotto had fun teasing his partner for long minutes.

We have fun on the set of Telematin! From Monday to Thursday, Thomas sotto and Julia Vignali animate the morning of France 2 with good humor. On the program: the weather forecast, the newspaper, reports on culture, science, fashion, and exclusive guests. Viewers still remember the coming of Kad Merad, companion of Julia Vignali on the set of Telematin and the interview was more than embarrassing for the two lovers. If the show works, it is also that the two hosts of the program sometimes lose their seriousness and participate in the chronicles. When Thomas Sotto does not decide to sing on the set, it’s Julia Vignali who does her own by testing new looks.

Julia Vignali surprises all her team

“Hello everyone, welcome to your Telematin, greeted Julia Vignali by opening the antenna. If Julia Vignali made no mistake in presenting herself to viewers, the whole set was surprised by her new look with glasses. “Oh ! Nana Mouskouri How are you ?”, launched amused Thomas Sotto. “Hello Samuel Étienne! Wait, I can’t see anything. Oh, it’s Thomas Sotto. Hello, welcome to you”, replied Julia Vignali, without being disturbed. But the journalist was too well started to stop teasing his partner: “Oh no, looks like Vera in Scooby-doo!”

“We hear less well too”

“I really hope you have your glasses handy because, indeed, with age, we see less well up close and this is what Anicet Mbida will explain to us”, explained Julia Vignali, who thus reveals the explanation of his new ephemeral look, but Thomas Sotto did not intend to leave his partner alone. “How? Do we hear less well too?”, launched the journalist noting that Julia had raised her voice. “In short, old age is a shipwreck as they say”, concluded Julia Vignali before continuing her show, despite the laughter of her entire team. A successful happening!

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