Nathalie Marquay “skeptical” about the causes of Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s death: the journalist’s widow wants to “restore the truth”: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

On the occasion of the publication of his work A sign from you (ed. Trédaniel), Thursday January 4, 2024, Nathalie Marquay spoke about the painful disappearance of her husband Jean-Pierre Pernaut, in March 2022 at the age of 71. In this intimate testimony, the mother of Tom, 20, and Lou, 21, reveals her daily life and the trials of life without her husband. Convinced that the love of her life is watching over her, she claimed to receive “proofs of his infinite love”. In an interview with Gala, Thursday January 4, 2024, Nathalie Marquay returned to the death of the former presenter of TF1’s 1 p.m., addressing poignant aspects of this difficult period. Asked about the premonition she had regarding the death of the journalist suffering from cancer, the former Miss France confirmed that she feared her loss well before the age of 72when he had not even reached his sixties yet. “I always hoped I was wrong,” she admitted to our colleagues. “I didn’t see him dying of cancer at all, but of the heart, of the head”she continued, not without emotion.

Nathalie Marquay: “He did not die of cancer”

Nathalie Marquay also addressed the circumstances surrounding the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, emphasizing that doctors were perplexed and were groping to find solutions. Near Gala, she said she was “skeptical about the real causes of his death”. “I wanted to reestablish the truth a little to declare that he did not die of cancer, but of something else”, assured the former beauty queen. After a vacation in January 2022, where the results of a pet scan were encouraging, Jean-Pierre Pernaut had to be hospitalized due to heart problems. His widow then expressed doubts about the correlation between vaccination against Covid-19 and radiotherapy, noting that after the third dose, Jean-Pierre Pernaut suffered several strokes. “The thirteenth was fatal to him”, she lamented. Furthermore, the former columnist of Do not touch My TV confided in the possibility of starting a new life with another man. Categorically, she declared that this is absolutely not in her plans: “I still feel like I’m married to him. Besides, I’m not interested.” Nathalie Marquay thus remains faithful to her past relationship and does not wish to consider a new romance.

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