Netflix is ​​still a hit with this totally unexpected new series

Netflix still manages to create a surprise with an original series that could have gone unnoticed. But the launch is huge and subscribers fell in love instantly.

If Netflix started the year with new films and series, the month of February offers a little bit of everything. From the first days, subscribers were able to rediscover two monuments of pop culture. Mom, I missed the plane and Mom, I missed the plane again! More recently, the platform vibrated with the music of Footloose (1984), and with the electric relationship between the young audience Andrea (Anne Hathaway) and her boss Miranda (Meryl Streep) in The Devil Wears Prada. But one new thing made a stronger impression than the others.

Full success for this brand new Netflix series

The same day as Footloose, Netflix released a new Japanese series created for the platform, written and directed by Dave Boyle (Man from Reno), House of Ninjas. What does it say? We follow the Tawara family of ninjas, undermined since the disappearance of the eldest son, who will have to reconnect and reuse their skills. Even for members who had completely deviated from this path. “Ninja have always aroused fascination with their mysterious and formidable physical abilities… What if they still existed, hidden in today’s Japan? Discover the extraordinary story of an ordinary family who, years after their last ninja mission, must return to service to counter a crisis that is shaking the nation » official synopsis (via Netflix).

And Netflix had some flair in financing House of Ninjas since it was a hit. Barely a week after its release, the program rose to third place in the top 10 most watched series in France. And it even comes in second position in the top 10 most viewed non-English TV shows of the moment. It’s a very big hit and the subscribers are obviously the first responsible for this success.

There are many positive opinions on the Netflix series House of Ninjas, in France and abroad. “What is this crazy?!” »; “It’s clearly a killing”; “I started House of Ninja, it’s clean. What happiness! » can we read on X. “It’s funny, the characters are great, a real quality emerges from the whole thing. I enjoyed every minute” indicates a user on Rotten Tomatoes. “House of Ninjas is a captivating series about a dysfunctional shinobi family” concludes The Future of the Force in their review. All episodes are available now on Netflix, so you have a reason not to leave your screen for the evenings to come.

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