Netherlands: Railway workers on strike to demand wage increases

AMSTERDAM, Aug 26 (Reuters) – Dutch railway workers went on strike for 24 hours on Friday in the western part of the country – the most populous – in order to win wage increases to cope with runaway inflation.

Rail operator NS said traffic would be disrupted elsewhere in the Netherlands, including on international routes to Belgium.

“Use another means of transport or postpone your trip. No replacement buses can run,” it said on its website.

This is the second strike in three days after a first movement in the northern region of the country on Wednesday. Three other strikes are to come on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the northwest, center and southeast of the country.

Consumer prices in the Netherlands are expected to surge 9.9% in 2022, and rise 4.3% next year. (Report Benoit Van Overstraeten; French version Dina Kartit, edited by Kate Entringer)

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