Neurologist François Salachas launches an alert on the upcoming shortage of anesthetics: Femme Actuelle Le MAG


He compares the current situation of hospitals and the makeshift solutions that carers are forced to use to treat patients, with the requisition of Marne taxis which took place on September 6 and 7, 1914 in order to transport reinforcements. infantry to Paris. The neurologist at the Paris hospital of Pitié-Salpêtrière François Salachas addresses a serious air, at the height of the health crisis that the country is going through at the moment. For years, via the inter-hospital collective, it denounces the budget cuts and the mercantile management that the government applies to public care structures. Thus, faced with the mutual aid actions that emanate from both sides of the hexagon, like this manufacturer of jeans from Nancy who distributed nearly 500 makeshift masks to caregivers, François Salachas says that his metaphor holds water. "Here we are", he says. And he is obviously not the only one to think so.

In some places there are only a few days left of stock

"We know what to do is that the means of production in France are completely redirected towards what we lack. And what we are missing we know what it is ", he announces in front of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and Patrick Cohen. Respirators, protections and … "drugs to put patients to sleep and possibly to support patients at the end of their lives ". Being afraid of having understood correctly, Babeth Lemoine asked Doctor Salachas for clarification: "Because we are about to face a shortage of all these anesthetic drugs? " she asks. "Yes, we modestly call it being in tension", confirms in a solemn voice the Professor in neurology. "Which means that the shortage is coming at full speed ", he adds. Worried, Patrick Cohen intervenes: "You have a few days of stock there, does that mean?" he questions. "It means that in some places we have a few days ", François Salachas answered him frankly. The doctor is very clear; he does not want to create a feeling of panic among the population. Only, the urgency is there and it is high time to react.

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