New allegations against scandal boss: Rubiales is said to have groped and kissed English women

New allegations against scandal boss
Rubiales is said to have groped and kissed English women

Luis Rubiales faces new, serious allegations. The former soccer boss from Spain is said to have inappropriately touched not only some female players after the World Cup triumph, but also female soccer players from England. Rubiales sees a misinterpretation of a gesture of affection.

Former Spanish Football Association president Luis Rubiales apparently also intrusively touched and, in one case, kissed English female footballers after the Women’s World Cup final in August. This is suggested by the statement of the English association president Debbie Hewitt, which is listed in the now published reasons for the FIFA verdict against Rubiales.

According to Hewitt, Rubiales “cupped and caressed” the face of England international Laura Coombs, which struck the FA boss as “a bit strange”. He then kissed her teammate Lucy Bronze “obviously energetically.” Photos show him taking Bronze in both arms, his mouth near her ear.

“Disgusting” interpretation

Rubiales defended himself against Hewitt’s allegations through a statement from his defense attorneys. This interpreted “a gesture of encouragement to mean that the defendant was a disgusting person”. This interpretation is “disgusting.” The FA president also “intentionally or negligently” omitted some facts.

Rubiales emphasized that Bronze “not only plays in Spain, but also won the Spanish Super Cup a few months earlier.” Coombs, on the other hand, “injured himself in the final,” received stitches and had to wear a bandage on his head. However, Coombs was not used in the final; Rubiales apparently confused her with Alex Greenwood.

The case sparked outrage around the world

FIFA banned Rubiales for three years after the negotiations. The trigger was his behavior towards the Spaniards: Rubiales had aggressively kissed national player Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth after the final win against England in Sydney. The case sparked a storm of outrage around the world. According to FIFA, Rubiales’ behavior violated Article 13 of the disciplinary code.

After the game, Rubiales also gestured with both hands in the direction of Spanish coach Jorge Vilda and then grabbed his crotch – with the gesture he apparently wanted to express that the controversial Vilda had shown it to all critics. Rubiales, who wants to take action against the ban, said he “regrets” his gesture.

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