New developments in retirement, tax and real estate insurance… The 3 money news of the day

2024 changes to retirement insurance, declaration of real estate, revaluation of the tax scale… Find the 3 money news for this Wednesday, April 17.

1- The revaluation of the progressive tax scale

The General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFIP) published its annual report for the year 2023. Revenues increased on average by 5.1% and the tax scale has been revalued to the height by 5.4%. Following this revaluation, the number of non-taxable households increased by 2.6%. Among these 22.5 million households, more than 3 million benefited from a tax credit of an average amount of 861 euros. All the information here.

2- Declaration of real estate and taxes

The 2023 income declaration campaign has been launched since April 11. Beyond the income declaration, some owners must look at their declaration of real estate. Since last year, the tax authorities have been calling for a new mandatory declaration for all French owners. This declaration does not have to be renewed every year except in the event of a change in situation. If until now this declaration could only be made online, it can now be made via a paper form. We tell you everything.

3- Change in 2024 for retirement insurance

The year 2024 is a year of change for retirement insurance members. Strengthening support, fight against non-recourse of rights to retirement insurance and survivor’s pension, new version of the portal for old with a geolocation service and registration for prevention and support activities, fight against fraud… Find the 5 planned developments here.

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