New e-bike from Cowboy: The Cruiser focuses on upright comfort


The Belgian e-bike manufacturer Cowboy presents the Cruiser model. Upright Dutch bike seating position, improved translation and belt drive are among the highlights.

The Belgian e-bike manufacturer Cowboy presents the new Cruiser model. (Source: Cowboys)

  • Cowboy presented the new e-bike Cowboy Cruiser today.
  • The raised, cranked handlebars in combination with a wide saddle should ensure an upright and relaxed sitting position and a better overview.
  • The new e-bike is currently available at a reduced introductory price.

According to the manufacturer, the new Cowboy Cruiser model was developed in response to customer feedback. The visual similarity to the already available e-bikes of the brand C4 and C4 ST, which are now called Cowboy Classic or Cowboy Cruiser ST, is clearly recognizable. Once again, Cowboy places the battery near the seat post and, like its competitor VanMoof, relies on integrated LED lighting.

The handlebars built into this model also remind us of the VanMoof A5/S5 (test report). But then the similarities stop. For example, Cowboy installed a low-maintenance belt drive. You can attach your smartphone wirelessly to the handlebars and use it as a speedometer and navigation device. At the same time, it is charged by the internal battery, which can be removed for charging.

price and availability

The 47 millimeter wide tires are framed by mudguards ex works. The Cowboy Cruiser model, which according to the manufacturer weighs 19.3 kilograms, is now available at a price of 2,990 euros.

Hercules Prima E5

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E-bike innovations of the year

E-bike innovations of the year

In Spring 2023, Cowboy also launched a retail and service partner network. Since then, customers have been able to buy and have the bikes repaired in local, independent bike shops across Europe. We will be presenting other e-bike innovations of the year at this point.

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