new rates in force at Banque Populaire Mditerrane

Price of the bank card, cost of a withdrawal outside the euro zone, redaction of the secret code or remanufacturing of the credit card… The Banque Populaire Méditerranée has increased its rates since April 1, 2024. Here is what is changing.

Customers of Banque Populaire Méditerranée (based in PACA, Corsica or certain departments of Occitanie) saw prices change on April 1, 2024. And more often an increase than a decrease…

Bank cards on the rise

The new price list in force since the beginning of the month shows several pricing changes. One of the most significant increases concerns the Visa Infinite card which goes from 306 euros to 318.20 euros the year. Even an increase of 4% on the Visa Premier, which now costs 129.35 euros per year. Here are the new bank card prices.

Card typeOld price
(per year)
Price since
April 1, 2024
(per year)
Visa Classic
(immediate flow and deferred flow)
And Visa systematic authorization
Standard Mastercard
(immediate flow and deferred flow)
Premier Visa
(immediate flow and deferred flow)
Visa Platinum (different flow)198.90206.85
Visa Infinite (different flow)306318.20

Less than 1 euro more

Other services have increased since April 1, notably instant transfers. Until now charged 1euro up to 1500euros of transfer then 3euros up to 15000euros and 10.20euros beyond, the instant transfer increases to 3.10 euros between 1500 and 15000 euros and 10.60 for higher transfers. The cost of an occasional branch transfer increases from 5 to 5.10 euros. Banque Populaire Méditerranée also displays a increase of 10 cents on the price of withdrawals outside the euro zone. It will therefore be necessary to pay 3.60 euroscompared to 3.50 euros previously (+ a commission of 2.90% of the amount withdrawn).

Redefining the secret code is also more expensive to bank customers when it is requested in the branch: it thus goes from 11.70 euros to 12.15 euros. However, customers can consult their confidential code free of charge on the mobile application. The remanufacturing of the card costs 8.45 euros (or 46.60 euros in an emergency). If sending the checkbook remains free by simple delivery, sending by registered mail has increased from 7.65 euros to 7.95 euros. Issuing a bank check is now charged at 13.25 euros (+50 cents).

Stoppage fees increase from 16.30 euros for a check and 32.60 euros for a checkbook, 16.95 euros for a check and 33.90 euros for a checkbook.

PEA and real estate

The custody fees for the stock savings plan (PEA) and the securities account increased on April 1. They are now billed up to 0.30% of the total value of the portfolio with additional pricing of 4.35 euros per line (for a minimum of 35 euros). The minimum amount of transfer fees has increased from 100 to 120 euros. On the real estate loan side, Banque Populaire Méditerranée now charges a minimum 520 euros administration fees which can go up to 1.50% of the remaining capital d.

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