New Thermomix on the way? That’s what Vorwerk says about the TM7 rumors


Will a new Thermomix appear in 2023? Corresponding rumors are currently circulating on the internet. Now the manufacturer Vorwerk has commented on the release of the TM7.

Cooks, mixes, cuts – what else? The Vorwerk Thermomix combines many kitchen appliances in one.

Vorwerk has published its annual report for 2022. Despite the Corona and Ukraine crisis, the multifunctional Thermomix food processor continues to be a success. Vorwerk earned 1.7 billion euros from the sale of the current TM6 model and associated services such as the Cookido recipe platform. An increase of 1.6 percent compared to the previous year. But now rumors are causing unrest on the Internet. The TM6 could soon be replaced by a newer model called the Thermomix TM7.

The company has now denied these rumours. No new model is planned this year, Vorwerk boss Thomas Stoffmehl told the Handelsblatt.

Thermomix TM7: These are the hottest rumors
Rumors about features, release and price

Vorwerk could soon bring out a new Thermomix and thus replace the Thermomix TM 6. We summarize all the rumors about the TM7 below.

In 2019, the previously unannounced release of the TM6 had caused annoyance among fans. Many felt cheated because they had bought the supposedly inferior previous model shortly before publication. A customer even went to court against the manufacturer, but lost.

There will be no new Thermomix this year, but on the occasion of the company’s 140th birthday, Vorwerk has released the TM6 in a special edition. In this, the food processor shines in diamond black.

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