New Years Resolutions That Make Life Better


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Three resolutions that are guaranteed to make you happier in 2021

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Should 2021 be a good year for you? Then these three resolutions should definitely be on your list!

Even if there is "only" another year at the end of the date: A new year always feels a bit like a new beginning. There are only a few weeks of winter ahead of us (in which the days get longer with each sunrise!) And then a complete, unspent spring, summer and autumn. It's no wonder that New Years Eve is the preferred time for many people to make resolutions and make changes that should improve their lives – the opportunity just presents itself. The following three resolutions shouldn't be missing on any New Year's resolution list this year.

Three resolutions that make life better

1. Clearly tell others what you want / need.

"I would like to go on holiday over Easter, but surely too many will want to take time off anyway …", "I wish my neighbors could have the heating man in my apartments to read them, but they are definitely not there either … "," I'd like to be more than friends, but he obviously sees it differently … "

Does it sound familiar to you? All right, then the following information could be a little enlightenment for you: It is not your job to make other people say "No!" It doesn't cost anything to ask and we all have the right to at least communicate our wishes and needs. Even if we receive a rebuff or come up against a limit: Then we at least have certainty and can grapple with facts instead of having to worry about something that would be great but is not. Also: if you don't ask, you have no chance of hearing a "yes" – and it's not the fault of the others …

2. Do not postpone anything that you can / do not want to do now until later.

Both when it comes to annoying duties and when it comes to pleasure and the fulfillment of dreams: Best do it as soon as possible! The longer you put off an unpleasant task, the longer it burdens you. And the more often you put your wishes on hold and postpone them "later", the less likely you will actually fulfill them. So, if you suddenly find out in April that you want to change certain habits in order to live happier or healthier lives – start immediately and don't wait until New Year 2021! 😉

3. Be grateful at least once a day.

It is usually easy for us to find something that is missing, annoying, went wrong, or could be better (more on this in our article on "Bing Theory"). It is just as easy for us to overlook what we have and what is going well in our life – especially once we have got used to it and take it for granted. It is obvious that this is not a good combination for being happy. But don't worry: we can easily take countermeasures! Thinking for a moment every day about something for which we are grateful (e.g. that the heating works or for a nice lunch date with a colleague) not only gives us a feeling of happiness at that moment, but generally increases our attention for everything positive. And whoops! 2020 is already no longer a year in which various holidays fall on Saturdays, but one in which we get an extra day for free to fulfill our dreams. 😅