News culture It’s the end for humans! Disney credits an AI in the credits of a Disney + series

Culture news It’s the end for humans! Disney credits an AI in the credits of a Disney + series

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The use of artificial intelligence is slowly spreading in the world of cinema and series. This is now done with the TV show “Save the Tigers” broadcast on Disney + Hotstar, the Indian version of the platform.

The use of Chat GPT at Disney, a turning point?

Since March 15, Disney Hotstar subscribers have been able to see the presence of Chat GPT as a member of the series’ musical team Save The Tigers. A mention in the credits which did not go down very well with the general public. Indeed, the use of artificial intelligence to write the lyrics of a song worries the various trades who participated in the film. They criticize Disney for using Chat GPT to simply avoid additional costs and therefore favor AI rather than humans.

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This controversy shows that the place of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important within large-scale audiovisual creations. However, this is not the first time that Disney + has used AI. Indeed, on the occasion of the production of the Marvel Secret Invasion series, in June 2023, it is the image generation tool Mid Journey who completely created the credits.

Chat GPT x Disney +: A collaboration that worries

This use of Chat GPT in Save The Tigers could initiate an increasingly regular collaboration between the streaming platform and AI. However, this news worries actors and screenwriters who fear for their jobs. To express their concern, the American actors union SAG-AFTRA launched a strike movement last summer from June to November 2023. A movement that left its mark, since it is the first time since 1960 that actors and screenwriters have struck together.

To try to reassure everyone, Steph Leal, spokesperson for the Method Studios visual effects studio (which worked on Secret Invasion), declared that “AI is just one tool among many used by our artists”. This use of artificial intelligence by Disney could be explained by the desire to reduce production costs. Indeed, as the media reveals to us 01Netthe production of series like Star Wars or Marvel is very expensive, but brings in much less than expected.

One thing is certain, the summer 2023 strike should have served as a warning for Disney and the various streaming platforms. A new period like this could seriously impact the American film industry with numerous delays, as was the case last year.

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