News tip Nightingale Antiquarian Card: Which cards to craft for the quest with the Antiquarian Card?

News tip Nightingale Antiquarian Card: Which cards to craft for the quest with the Antiquarian Card?

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Nightingale asks you to craft the Antiquarian Map to venture into a Genesis Forest world. But there’s no way to find it, or make it with the Simple Enchantment Focuser! In this article, we explain how to get to the famous Forest of Genesis.

Antiquarian card… Where to find this card in Nightingale?

I might as well tell you right away, the Antiquarian card does not exist in Nightingale. It appears that there is a translation error or a bug that would cause an old name to appear. So, the “Antiques” card does not exist : at least, at the stage at which it is requested. At the moment, there is nothing to determine whether it really exists or not.

To create a portal that leads to the Forest of Genesis, you will need to place the Forest card and the Genesis card in the portal of your world. The Genesis card is unlocked once you defeat the Genesis Power Site boss.

Logically, you won’t have these cards in your inventory (unless you have had a huge stroke of luck in your world’s coffers), so you will have to craft them yourself. These can be created on the Simple Enchantment Focus using Paper and Ink.

Paper can be made on the Simple Sawing Table simply using bundles of wood. As for Ink, it can be made on the Simple Mortar Station using Refined Pigments and Glass.

Refined Pigment is made on the Simple Mortar station using resources like meat, berries, flowers or even mushrooms and Glass is produced in the Simple Foundry by melting raw gems like quartz or sapphire (mining level 10, so bring a simple pickaxe).

You can purchase all these facilities from the merchant for essences.

Where to use the Forest and Genesis cards?

As we told you just before, you will have to go to the Portal of your world. By placing cards on it, you can create an opening to the Forest of Genesis.

To return to your world, simply return to your refuge from the world map. As long as you do not move or destroy your Cairn, you will be able to return to your initial world without any worries.

If you want to return to the Genesis Forest or to a completely different world that you have generated from the Portal (or the one you built), you will only have to enter it again. As long as you don’t reset the Portal, you will be able to return to the created worlds as you wish.

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