“Next to you”: Cyril Hanouna thinks he has Bernard Montiel cornered, the columnist gives him a good lesson

This Monday in Touche pas à mon poste, Bernard Montiel told an anecdote involving his home in Paris. The opportunity for Cyril Hanouna to display the private life of his colleague. That was before the columnist fought back with a well-thought-out counterattack.

Cyril Hanouna never misses an opportunity to make its columnists uncomfortable. And sometimes, they pay him back. This Monday, while Bernard Montiel was telling an anecdote involving his Parisian home, Cyril Hanouna took this opportunity to embarrass the columnist. The host tried to get his colleague to tell him the address of his apartment. “Did you walk home? Next to…“, says Baba, falsely innocent. “Nearby your house !“, retorts Bernard Montiel, seeing clearly into his boss’s game. A counterattack who undeniably upset Cyril Hanouna, the latter becoming the watered sprinkler.

If we don’t know much about Bernard Montiel’s Parisian apartment, the host recalled a few weeks ago that he was a tenant, and that he paid a rent of 3400 euros per month for 100 m2. Although he is not an owner in the capital, the columnist has nonetheless invested in property elsewhere! At the beginning of March, he spoke in particular of his 4,000 m2 house in the south of France. “I sold a house in Pilat. Thanks to that, I was able to buy a house in Gassin, which is just opposite Ramatuelle in the Var. I borrowed 1 million and gave 1.5 million“, confided Bernard Montiel.

Bernard Montiel justifies himself on his important heritage

After his revelations, Bernard Montiel, a little embarrassed, had wanted to provide some details regarding his heritage. “I just wanted to clarify one thing, because I know it can be shocking. I am 67 years old, I have worked since the age of 18 and the only money my parents gave me, because they couldn’t anyway, was 200 francs when I went to the army“, indicated the columnist.

The host revealed in particular that he had earned a small fortune when he was on TF1. “They were francs at the time, I did it for 14 years anyway. A little less than 150,000 anyway. But we were filming all these shows and above all it was a hit“, he confided.

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